Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Old Stone Jail

When we were in Carrollton, I wanted to make sure I stopped by the Old Stone Jail. This jail was built in 1880 and is 22x20. It was used as the Carroll County jail until 1969. The first floor is where the male inmates were, the second floor was for the women inmates and children. The basement was used for solitary confinement. The inmates were shackled in by their limbs and sat on the dry laid brick floor. The two foot limestone walls were quarried in Jefferson County, Kentucky. This was really neat to see the way that inmates were kept back in the day. There was no televisions, no going outside for play time and no privacy. It makes you wonder that if they kept inmates like this now days if there would be less crime. I would think that spending one day in a place like this would be enough to change someone.
The Old Stone Jail is open daily to the public to tour. It sits in front of the courthouse.

Inside the jail

Doug in jail
Me in jail

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