Friday, April 25, 2014

Historic Painted House Tour

It was a beautiful day outside Tuesday so we decided to take a little tour of some historic houses. These are not just any historic houses, these are colorful painted houses and they are beautiful. Most of them were built in the 1800's. Now I love old houses and when you paint them where they look like candy and cake, well that just makes it all the better. Oh and get ready for this...one of my all time favorite movies is Beetlejuice. When we were walking around looking at the houses Doug said you have to see this house. Well sitting up on a hill was a house that looked like it came from the movie Beetlejuice. Can we just say I was in love. I want that house..lol..
The house are off Columbia Parkway in Cincinnati. If you are down that way take some time to look at these house. Alot of work has went into keeping these houses looking as great as they do.

Beetlejuice House

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