Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bookseller On Fountain Square

Anyone that knows me, knows I love books and bookstores. I could spend all day in a bookstore. So when I heard that a new bookstore was opening in Downtown Cincinnati I had to go to it. This bookstore combines two of my loves in one place. One being books and the other being coffee. They have a coffee shop yay!!!
Bookseller is a 6,500 square foot building that carries everything from books, magazines, gifts, to children books and also doggie treats.
They also have a cafe type restaurant that serves some great food. The day we went we decided to have lunch. Me and Doug both had the chicken potpie and as you can tell from the picture they were huge. They came with a salad and both were very good and reasonably priced. If you sit at the window seats they have, you get a great view of Fountain Square. That is where we sat at as you can tell form the picture but the day we went it was snowing and raining but I think that made the view alot better.
The people that work for Booksellers are all very nice and helpful. If you are downtown check them out and while you are there grab some lunch or coffee.
Bookseller is located at 505 Vine Street. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything in exchange for doing this post. 


  1. Hi Lyinn! I'm the bookstore manager at BoFS. I just happened upon this 2014 blog post when I did a google search for photos of my store. Thanks for the write-up! Hope to see you next time you're in town. Sincerely, Emily

    1. Hi Emily, Thank you so much for the comment. I love your store!!! I am a book lover and your store is great!!! We are in there a lot. I tell everyone I know about it