Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Visit to Tres Belle

I love small businesses and I try to support them so when I saw Tres Belle, I thought I had to check it out. Tres Belle is a bakery that is on Reading Road in Ohio. It is a cake and coffee shop and they serve food. This is a beautiful place with some yummy looking treats. They have daily light lunches that includes stuffed croissants, salads, soups, and sandwiches. They also have coffee, tea, espresso, smoothies, and frozen drinks. This would be a nice place to meet friends for a quick lunch.
Now for the bad part. As much as I wanted to love this place, I could not get over how unfriendly the gentlemen who was working there was. He was not the friendliest guy to be working with people. I am not sure if he was the owner or not but either way he needs to be nicer. I ordered a hot chocolate and it was not good at all. Doug had an cappuccino  and he said his was not good either. He said it tasted like they forgot to add the chocolate . I did buy a few of the treats they had and while I did not try any of them my parents and Doug said they were good. I would go back to this place and retry another drink and some lunch if it would not be for the fact of how unfriendly the guy working there was. If you are working with people and especially if you have a small business you need to be nice. We kinda got the feeling we were bothering him.
I am not saying you should not go and try this place out. Maybe he was having a bad day or maybe someone else will be working there when you go.
They are located at 400 West Benson Street. Reading Ohio. They are in the Reading Bridal District.
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post. All opinions stated are my own. 

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