Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CANstruction 2014

CANstruction 2014 is going on now. This is there 17th year of doing CANstruction and it's my second year to go and check out all the amazing art work. I can not tell you how much I love CANstruction. It is so neat to see what people are able to make with something as simple as a can.
We went on Tuesday the 11th and they had just finished up making their designs. A couple groups were still working on theirs.
If you are not sure what CANstruction, it is art work that is done all in cans. They have everything from hot air balloons, to Mario, to a big duck. The exhibit runs from March 11 till March 23 and when it is all over the Freestore Food Bank receives all the can goods and items that were used to make the sculptures. So it is an amazing thing to see and it also helps people in need. If you go to see the displays you can take some can goods with you to donate to the Freestore also. 
I think my favorite one this year had to be the Minion. He is just way to cute.
The displays are located in The Weston Art Gallery, The front lobby of the Aronoff Center, The Scipps Center, The public library of Cincinnati, The Hyatt Regency, and The Contemporary Arts Center. It is free of charge to see the displays and you can go into the places and look at them up close as long as the business are open. There is also a guided walking tour that will take place on Saturday the 22nd starting at 10:00am. It begins at The Weston Art Gallery and it is also free of charge.
You can check out CANstruction's web page for more details. It is www.cincinnaticanstruction.org.
I hope you have the chance to check out these amazing displays of art. And if you do make sure to see the Minion :)
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post.

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