Thursday, March 27, 2014

The story of Clay Shrout and is his old house haunted??

Anyone that has lived in Florence, Burlington, or Union Kentucky over the past 20 years most likely knows the name Clay Shrout. I have been getting emails from a very nice lady that is a follower of my blog and she knows I love haunted things. She wishes for me to keep her name out of this post since she lives on the street that Clay and his family use to live on. I am going to tell you some of the history of Clay Shrout for those of you reading this and are wondering who in the world am I talking about, then I will tell you the haunted stuff that this lady told me.
On May 26,1994 Clay Shrout was just 17 years old. He lived in the  upscale subdivision Southampton  in Florence, Kentucky with his dad Harvey, his mom Rebbecca and his two sisters Kirsten age 14 and Lauren age 12. On the morning of May 26,1994 Clay woke up at 5:00am. He had planned out that he was either going to take a some stuff and all the money that he could and leave, but he didn't want to be stopped so in his words he said he "had to kill them". So he took a .380 caliber pistol and walked into his parents room at 5:45am and while his parents were sleeping he shot his mom in the head and then shot his dad. As he made his way down the hall to his sisters room he heard a noisy, it was his father and he was still alive so Clay shot him two more times. His older sister Kirsten was awake when he shot and killed her. Then he shot and killed his younger sister Lauren after she told him about a nice dream she had. He told the police that he killed his sisters for two reasons. One is because he did not want them to live without their parents and the other reason being his older sister would have had enough intelligence to call the police and he didn't want to get caught. 
He then got into his dad's jeep and drove to the young lady house that he had taken to prom just two weeks earlier and kidnapped her. He drove to his high school and held his Trigonometry class hostage until he was taken into custody. 
Now for the reason that this kid did such a awful thing. It was because he was upset at his parents for taken away his weapons because he was failing English. What a sorry excuse to kill your whole family, that was 4 lives taken for absolutely no reason beside a 17 year old acting like a brat.
He pleaded guilty by reason of insanity and was sentence to life in prison without parole for 25 years. So that means that in 2019 he will be up for parole. He has not been a model prisoner. For some reason beyond me when he first went to prison he was in the minimum security at Ky Reformatory in LaGrange. Now the question I have is this nut just killed his whole family and you put him in a minimum security prison that is just crazy. But anyway he was moved to the maximum security prison the Eddville, Ky after he was found with a L-Shaped 10 inch stainless steel bar and a plan to escape.
Clay is 37 years old now and I wonder if he thinks about the looks on his sisters face when he took their lives. I am sorry but this man does not deserve parole. I don't buy his insanity plea, he knew exactly what he was doing that morning, he had it all planned out and in my opinion he is to insane to every be out of prison.
Now onto what the lady that lives on the street that Clay use to live on told me. She said that she has seen a little girl looking out of the window of the house when it was still empty. That most of the kids that live on that street are scared to walk on the same side as the house. They don't know that story of what happened in the house and they were not born when it happened but the kids say they feel like the house is watching them. She told me that her young granddaughter was playing and talking to someone that was not there and when she asked her who she was talking to she said Lauren. She told me, she thought that her granddaughter just made up an imaginary friend but when she told her what her friend looked like she said she described little Lauren Shrout to a T.
She said it scared the hell out of her but then she calmed down because she knew Lauren when she was alive and she knew she would not hurt her granddaughter. She said she feels  that Lauren like the rest of the family died way to young and she just wants to be able to be a kid again.
I know when we drove by the house you kinda get a creepy feeling. This lady told me that after the killings happened you always heard strange sounds coming from the house and you could always see things. She said that to this day she still see and hear things at the house.
I am not going to disclose the address nor the street that this house is on out of respect for the owners that live there now. 
I also would like to thank this very sweet lady who took the time to email me and tell me what she has seen and heard. I want her to know that I will never tell anyone who she is. I can understand why she does not want her name to come out.     
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ghost Hunt at Chambers Road

We visited an abandoned house on Chambers Road in Walton, Ky. I have heard about this house before and how a man supposedly killed his family in the house. I was able to talk to an elderly gentleman who has lived on that road for 40 years and he said he knew first hand what happened at this house. He said the man that lived there was married and had 3 children. He said the man as he put it was not right in the head and one day he went out to his barn and shot all of his horses then he went into the house and shot his wife and two of his three kids. One of his kids tried to escape and he chased her down and killed her. Then he shot and killed himself. He said that if you look into the bedroom that use to be the kids room you can see the big blood stain on the wall and you can see some bullet holes.
When we visited this house, I can tell you that just looking at it, it has a very creepy feeling to it and to add to the creepy feel there was a BIG vulture that was sitting on top of the house like he was guarding it and one sitting in the tree next to the house. They did not fly away when we came near them, the one on the house flew into the tree with the other one and they just sit there and looked at use with those beanie little eyes. The house is a mess, it is falling down. I don't know why no one has tore this house down or had tried to fix it up before it got like this. It looks like it was a cute little house back in the day. I walked through the house and you have to be very careful not to fall through the floor. I also went down into the basement. It was not a very cold day when we were there but you have chills the whole time you are in and near this house. I did go into the kids room ( I knew it was the kids room by the border that was still on the wall ) and there is a huge stain on the wall that looks like blood and right next to it is three holes that look like bullet holes. I would not want to be in or near this house at night. You always have the feeling that someone besides the vulture's are watching you. The gentleman that I talked to told me that he has heard gun shots, kids screaming, the sound of horses and shadows of people running away from the house. He said he is not the only one on  that street that has seen or heard things.
The barn is still standing next to the house. I did not go through it but I did get a couple of pictures of it.
I think this would be a great place to do a paranormal investigation. I think I might find out from the county if we can do one. If we do get to do one I hope those creepy vulture's  are gone.

                           Kids Room

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CANstruction 2014

CANstruction 2014 is going on now. This is there 17th year of doing CANstruction and it's my second year to go and check out all the amazing art work. I can not tell you how much I love CANstruction. It is so neat to see what people are able to make with something as simple as a can.
We went on Tuesday the 11th and they had just finished up making their designs. A couple groups were still working on theirs.
If you are not sure what CANstruction, it is art work that is done all in cans. They have everything from hot air balloons, to Mario, to a big duck. The exhibit runs from March 11 till March 23 and when it is all over the Freestore Food Bank receives all the can goods and items that were used to make the sculptures. So it is an amazing thing to see and it also helps people in need. If you go to see the displays you can take some can goods with you to donate to the Freestore also. 
I think my favorite one this year had to be the Minion. He is just way to cute.
The displays are located in The Weston Art Gallery, The front lobby of the Aronoff Center, The Scipps Center, The public library of Cincinnati, The Hyatt Regency, and The Contemporary Arts Center. It is free of charge to see the displays and you can go into the places and look at them up close as long as the business are open. There is also a guided walking tour that will take place on Saturday the 22nd starting at 10:00am. It begins at The Weston Art Gallery and it is also free of charge.
You can check out CANstruction's web page for more details. It is www.cincinnaticanstruction.org.
I hope you have the chance to check out these amazing displays of art. And if you do make sure to see the Minion :)
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Visit to Tres Belle

I love small businesses and I try to support them so when I saw Tres Belle, I thought I had to check it out. Tres Belle is a bakery that is on Reading Road in Ohio. It is a cake and coffee shop and they serve food. This is a beautiful place with some yummy looking treats. They have daily light lunches that includes stuffed croissants, salads, soups, and sandwiches. They also have coffee, tea, espresso, smoothies, and frozen drinks. This would be a nice place to meet friends for a quick lunch.
Now for the bad part. As much as I wanted to love this place, I could not get over how unfriendly the gentlemen who was working there was. He was not the friendliest guy to be working with people. I am not sure if he was the owner or not but either way he needs to be nicer. I ordered a hot chocolate and it was not good at all. Doug had an cappuccino  and he said his was not good either. He said it tasted like they forgot to add the chocolate . I did buy a few of the treats they had and while I did not try any of them my parents and Doug said they were good. I would go back to this place and retry another drink and some lunch if it would not be for the fact of how unfriendly the guy working there was. If you are working with people and especially if you have a small business you need to be nice. We kinda got the feeling we were bothering him.
I am not saying you should not go and try this place out. Maybe he was having a bad day or maybe someone else will be working there when you go.
They are located at 400 West Benson Street. Reading Ohio. They are in the Reading Bridal District.
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post. All opinions stated are my own.