Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Haunted Warehouse

If you are from Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky then I am sure you have heard of The Warehouse. It is located at 1313 Vine Street. Cincinnati, Ohio. It is now called Cosmopolitan Hall. When it was The Warehouse it was a dance club where you could dance the night away. They stayed opened till 4:am.
When I was younger I went to the Warehouse once with some friends to see what it was all about and let me tell you in this place you saw a little bit of everything and something's you did not want to see..lol..
There was a wide range of people from Gothic to punk to you name it.
The Warehouse is a big building. It goes from Vine Street to Republic and is around 27,000 square feet. It has two sub basements. The lower basement is 4,400 square feet and has two chamber vaults running the length of the building and a 20 feet barrel vaulted stone ceilings.
It was built in 1855. When we took the Underground tour with the American Legacy Tour group we were able to go inside the Warehouse and look all around. This is one hell of a creepy building. I know there has to be some spirits lurking around in there. I took three pictures of Doug and I could not get any of them to come out clear. You get a strange feeling like someone is watching you and you feel like someone is touching you. One of the tour guides we had showed us a picture that was taken when The American Legacy Tours did their Haunted tour and they went into the Warehouse, the picture was of a girl who ended up with a big bloody scratch mark on her back by her shoulder. If that is not enough to freak the hell out of you, I don't know what would. Just looking at the building from the outside it has a very creepy dark look to it.

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