Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Carnegie

The Carnegie

The Carnegie is a theater and art gallery, moreover has The Carnegie Galleries, the Eva G. Farris Center and the Otto M. Budig Theater all under one roof, or should I say , one dome.

The Galleries were being prepared for the Art of Food, which starts February 28th, so much of the rooms were empty, but I did get a photo of the giant cutting board.

The Eva G Farris Center has in school, after school programs and a "Camp"  which includes live performances, art making,  and other fun starting June 2nd.

The Otto M. Budig Theater host a theater series, which has included Chicago, The Sound of Music and upcoming soon, the theatrical version of Harvey.

We met Amman there and he gave us a tour of the building, which was started in 1902, and opened in 1904 as a Public Library until 1972 and has been and under renovation since. He was very nice and informative and filled in well for Kathryn Brass, who was in stuck in traffic, and couldn't make it. It is located at 1028 Scott Street in Covington, Kentucky, the website is  http://www.thecarnegie.com  and we recommend you to visit and/or take in a theater production.

Disclaimer: This is our own opinion about the Carnegie. We were not compensated in any way to write about or photograph the building.

                        The  giant cutting board

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Haunted Warehouse

If you are from Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky then I am sure you have heard of The Warehouse. It is located at 1313 Vine Street. Cincinnati, Ohio. It is now called Cosmopolitan Hall. When it was The Warehouse it was a dance club where you could dance the night away. They stayed opened till 4:am.
When I was younger I went to the Warehouse once with some friends to see what it was all about and let me tell you in this place you saw a little bit of everything and something's you did not want to see..lol..
There was a wide range of people from Gothic to punk to you name it.
The Warehouse is a big building. It goes from Vine Street to Republic and is around 27,000 square feet. It has two sub basements. The lower basement is 4,400 square feet and has two chamber vaults running the length of the building and a 20 feet barrel vaulted stone ceilings.
It was built in 1855. When we took the Underground tour with the American Legacy Tour group we were able to go inside the Warehouse and look all around. This is one hell of a creepy building. I know there has to be some spirits lurking around in there. I took three pictures of Doug and I could not get any of them to come out clear. You get a strange feeling like someone is watching you and you feel like someone is touching you. One of the tour guides we had showed us a picture that was taken when The American Legacy Tours did their Haunted tour and they went into the Warehouse, the picture was of a girl who ended up with a big bloody scratch mark on her back by her shoulder. If that is not enough to freak the hell out of you, I don't know what would. Just looking at the building from the outside it has a very creepy dark look to it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

It was cold, windy and lots of snow on the ground, but that didn't stop anyone from going to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky Sunday 2/16/14. The General Store was crowded with people listening to music and staying warm around the wood stove. So, I headed out and took pictures of the General Store, The Ohio River and even the casino boat across the River in Indiana. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Haunted Promont House

 We visited the Promont House and let me just say this is a beautiful house. It sits up on a small hill way off the road. It was built between 1865 and 1867 by William McGrue. When the house was built it contained all modern day items that most houses did not have in those days. It had running water, argon gas fixtures throughout the house as well as a central heating system. The top of the house served as a cooling tower on hot days. McGrue put the house up for sale and it was bought in 1879 by John Pattison who would become the Governor of Ohio in 1905, making him the only Democrat to win a state office. While living in the house with his wife Aletheia they christened the house Promont which means On Top Of the Mountain. Pattison and his wife had two daughters, Aletheia and Ernestine as well as a son named John. When Pattison wife died in childbirth, he married her sister, Anna Williams. 
When Pattison delivered his inaugural address in January 1906, he did it outside in a snowstorm, he came down with pneumonia and died in June 1906, shortly after he turned 59. When he became ill and know he was going to die he ask to be taken back home to the house he loved. 
The house was sold after Pattison died to Henry Hodges, who lived at the house for 40 years. He passed away in the house, his first wife, Kate and his second wife Blanche also passed away in the house.
The house was willed to the Milford Area Historical Society by it's last owner John Kirgan. 
The house is so beautiful both inside and out. We were given a tour of the downstairs by a very friendly lady, who knew a lot about the house and also somethings about the ghost that haunt the house. Oh yes the house it not only beautiful it is haunted. 
When you enter the front door of the house the first thing you see in front of you, is this very narrow staircase that seems to go straight up. At the top of the staircase is a beautiful stained glass window. There is pictures to the right of the staircase of all the owners of the house. 
When we went upstairs to take the tour , we had a very nice gentlemen who told us more about the house. We saw the bedroom and the modern day bathrooms they had.
The furniture in this house is breathtaking. After we saw and heard about all the rooms and the past owners , our tour guide asked us if we would like to go up to the tower. Now let me tell you, I was more happy to hear him ask that then I would had been if I got to talk to a ghost while there..lol.
To get up to the tower we had to go up and up a spiral staircase and this was very creepy, not because we kept going up and up but because every other room in the house is nice and well kept, the stairs were very creepy and the paint was peeling off the walls it looked like it did not belong in that house.
When we got to the top we got to go into the tower and this was amazing. The view up there is absolutely beautiful. You can see all over. The tower is five-story's.
Our woman tour guide we had said that she knows the house is haunted, because she has seen things and has put things down and came back and they have been moved when there was no one else in the house, also there is an apparition of a woman that people often see standing in the window of the tower. She told us that one of the ladies that does tours at the house use to play with the last owner of the house daughter and she said the house was very much haunted. One of the good things about taken a tour of the house is the tour guides are very happy to tell you about their ghost stories. They also have a ghost hunt every year.
You will get a very creepy feeling while you are in the house like someone is watching you.
I love this house and everything about it.
If you would like to visit a very beautiful house that is full of history and maybe a ghost or two check out the Promont House. Just so you know, you are not allowed to take photos inside the house.
They are located at 906 Main Street.  Milford, Ohio
While you are there and standing outside make sure you look up at the windows at the top of the observation tower and you just might see the apparition of the woman that haunts the house. 
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post.

 The tower

 The Creepy spiral staircase