Saturday, January 25, 2014

Seelbach Hotel

We visited the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. I wanted to go here for a couple of reason's. Reason # 1 was it is a beautiful hotel and I love architecture and old buildings. Reason # 2 was because it is rumored to be haunted and reason # 3 was because many of America's gangsters has visited the Sheelbach the most famous one and the one that stayed there the most was Al Capone. When you visit the hotel you can see Al Capone's favorite alcove in the hotel's Oakroom lounge. Also there is still the giant mirror that he had brought in from Chicago so that he could watch his back while he playing a card game. There is secret passageways that leads out to an alley behind the hotel. There is a bar in the basement called the Rathskeller. It is another favorite place for Al. The inlays are all Rookwood Pottery. 
If you have ever seen the movie The Hustler with Paul Newman then you would had seen some of the Sheelbach Hotel as it was partially filmed there. Also Author F. Scott Fitzgerald stayed at Sheelbach and later used the hotel in a scene in his 1925 novel The Great Gatsby. There has also been a number of presidents that have stayed here as well as Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hoffa, Janet Jackson and the one and only Miss Piggy as well as many many more.
But it seems like there is another famous guest of the hotel that has not checked out and that would be The Lady in Blue. They have said that she has haunted the hotel since 1936. It is said that a young woman committed suicide. She threw herself down a empty ten story high elevator shaft on her wedding day wearing her blue gown that had been made just for her after she found her new husband in the arms of another woman.
The Sheelbach is a beautiful hotel and the people who work there that we meet were all very nice. They did not have an issues with us coming in and taken pictures or asking questions.
I think it is so neat that we have so much of this history in our state. Even if you are not into the ghost thing, the history and the guest that have stayed at this hotel is amazing. If you are visiting Louisville be sure to stop by and look at the Sheelbach or better yet stay there, you never know what or who you might see.
The Sheelbach is located in downtown Louisville at the corner of Fourth an Muhammad Ali Boulevard.
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to do this post nor did I receive anything. 

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