Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Whitetail Acres Tree Farm Visit

On December 2, 2013 my father and Doug visited the Whitetail Acres Tree Farm in Brookville, Indiana. They met up with Alice, who owns the farm, and was given the VIP treatment. She showed them the reindeer, which are of different sizes and ages, some had big racks, some had small. She then led them inside the pen and let them pet the reindeer which to their surprise, they were mostly friendly. My father got to walk one on a leash and really enjoyed that. Alice, whom was really nice to them, shot pictures of them with one of the reindeer with Doug's camera, which turned out really nice. Alice explained all aspects of raising reindeer as her pets, the difficulties and the rewards of having them. After their "encounter" with the reindeer, Alice allowed them to take pictures and walk along the farm where acres of Christmas trees stood for sale or ready to be cut down, pick the one you want, by the customers, for an old fashion tree cutting. Alice was so nice and friendly to them, she hugged them both, making this surprise trip for my father a truly special one. Thank you Alice for letting my father and Doug visit your farm and treating them so nice. I was not paid/nor getting paid to write this article or post it.


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