Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snowball and Snowflake at the Newport Aquarium

In my last post which was about Scuba Santa, I told you that Santa left a special gift for the Aquarium. Well I am going to tell you what the gift was, and let me just say they are beautiful. Santa left two rare white alligators. Their names are Snowball and Snowflake and they are breath taken. There is only about a 100 of these beautiful animals left. They will be on display at the Newport Aquarium through February. If you have the chance you need to see these animals in person. They are housed in the Rain forest of the Aquarium. When we saw them, one was asleep laying in the grass area and the other was under water. What time I was squatted down looking at it, I turned around to say something to Doug and he said you need to look beside you. Well you can tell from the pic above that the little baby came up to say hi to me. This has to be my favorite pic that I have. I love it!! It is so amazing to see all of God's different creatures and how they are all special in their own way. I think they are beautiful, I could sit and watch them all day. It was really a neat experience to see them up close. The Newport Aquarium does an amazing job at caring for these and all of their animals and making them comfortable.
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Scuba Santa at Newport Aquarium

We went and saw Scuba Santa at the Newport Aquarium and let me just say I might be grown but this was freaking AMAZING!!! This had to be the best Christmas thing I have seen. It was AWESOME and I know I will always remember it!! You are never to old to believe in Santa and it was so cool to see him talking to all the people and reading from his book. He also had his elf down there with him, and he was swimming with sharks and stingrays. It was just awesome.  After the show was over you had the opportunity to line up and have your picture taken with Scuba Santa. Now you know I could not pass that up. Also before Scuba Santa arrived at the Aquarium he left two special gifts for the Aquarium, I will tell you what they were and all about them in the next post. If you have never seen Scuba Santa I would highly recommend you check it out, you will not be disappointed. And if you have kids they will LOVE it. 
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Ice Sculpting On The Levee

We were visiting Newport Levee and they had a gentlemen there that was doing a ice sculpture. There were doing it every Sunday. This guys name was Jon Michael and he was amazing. The sculpture he did was of Santa holding a ticket to the Newport Express Holiday Depot. It was so neat to see this man take a block of ice and turn it into a work of art, and you all know me and how much I love art. He did an awesome job. Like I said his name was Jon Michael and he works for Artic Diamond. Their website is www.articdiamond.com
He was the nicest man that I have met. He was very sweet with everyone that stopped to watch him and he did not mind answering questions and taken pictures. If you ever get the chance to see him do his work in person please go see him, you will not be disappointed. Also if you are looking for someone to do ice sculpting for a event you are having give him a call. 
Disclaimer..I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Whitetail Acres Tree Farm Visit

On December 2, 2013 my father and Doug visited the Whitetail Acres Tree Farm in Brookville, Indiana. They met up with Alice, who owns the farm, and was given the VIP treatment. She showed them the reindeer, which are of different sizes and ages, some had big racks, some had small. She then led them inside the pen and let them pet the reindeer which to their surprise, they were mostly friendly. My father got to walk one on a leash and really enjoyed that. Alice, whom was really nice to them, shot pictures of them with one of the reindeer with Doug's camera, which turned out really nice. Alice explained all aspects of raising reindeer as her pets, the difficulties and the rewards of having them. After their "encounter" with the reindeer, Alice allowed them to take pictures and walk along the farm where acres of Christmas trees stood for sale or ready to be cut down, pick the one you want, by the customers, for an old fashion tree cutting. Alice was so nice and friendly to them, she hugged them both, making this surprise trip for my father a truly special one. Thank you Alice for letting my father and Doug visit your farm and treating them so nice. I was not paid/nor getting paid to write this article or post it.