Saturday, November 9, 2013

Haunted Covington, Ky. Tour

We did the American Legacy Haunted Covington, Ky. walking tour and this was one of the best tours I have been on. I have done a couple of other tours with American Legacy Tours and they were good, but this one was my favorite. We started our tour at a haunted mansion on Greenup Street from there we walked down to the river stopping at different locations along the way to listen to the interesting facts that our two tour guys Evan and Tom had to tell us. These two guides were great. They made the walk all that much more fun. They were very sweet and funny. They did an amazing job. After we walked to all the places, we went back to the mansion that we started at and we were able to tour it. From there we went to another mansion behind the first one and got to tour that one. That is the one were Doug took a picture up the steps and got a nice pic of a big orb. I was finally able to use my night vision camera and I took a lot of pics of the houses we stopped at since it was dark out. I was able to see a couple of things in two of the pics I took. One thing we saw was a shadow of a woman in a window where no one was home and in the same house in another window was a image of a person wearing a hat. At the next house we went to I got a pic of what looks like little hands all in a top window of a house where no one was there. 
Even if you don't believe in ghost or spirits, I would still take this tour next year. The history that you will learn about all of these old houses is amazing. I know I will be taken this tour again next year.
You can check out American Legacy Tours at their website www.americanlegacytours.com
They offer a wide range of tours.
Disclaimer..I am not receiving anything nor did I get anything for doing this post. All opinions stated are my own. We paid for the tour our self.
                                      Doug's Orb Pic
                                           My night vision camera             

                                          Inside one of the mansion's

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