Saturday, October 19, 2013

Boston Bruins Hockey Game

                                           ( oh yeah #37 bottom right )

On October 12, 2013, we went to Columbus, Ohio to Nationwide Arena to watch my all time favorite hockey team play The Boston Bruins!!!! I am a BIG BIG fan of Boston Bruins and I am not going to lie I am also a BIG BIG fan of #37 Patrice Bergeron ( it doesn't hurt that he is good to look at either..lol.). This is the 2nd time we have went to Columbus to see the Bruins play the Columbus Bluejackets and both times the Bruins have won!! This time they won 3 to 1. I have to give credit were credit is deserved, both times we have been to the Nationwide Arena for the hockey game all the Bluejackets fans we have came into contact with all have been really nice even with us decked out in our Boston jerseys. The people who work at the Arena are also nice to us Boston fans. If you are a hockey fan go check out the Nationwide Arena. And if you are a Boston Fan and a Patrice Bergeron fan then you are an awesome person..lol..
                                       Warming up before the game

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