Monday, September 2, 2013

Shark Girl

I am a BIG fan of art. I truly believe you can find beauty in anything. I love going to the Cincinnati Art Museum and seeing all the different art they have on display. One day when we were there, I came across the sculpture called Shark Girl and let me just say this had to be my all time favorite art piece. There is something about her that I love and find so interesting. Well last weekend we went to Sawyer Point and was walking around and to my surprise sitting on a little wall was the one and only Shark Girl. She is in a different pose then she had at the Art Museum. I was so happy. I had to get my picture with her. I love, love, love this work of art. We were just at the Art Museum this past Friday and Shark Girl was in storage. If you get down to Sawyer Point be on the look out for Shark Girl and make sure you get a picture with her. You can also share your pics on her Facebook page.  The pictures I am posting are of her at the Art Museum and Sawyer Point. 

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