Saturday, July 6, 2013

Warbird Planes at Lunken Airport

We paid a visit last Sunday to Lunken Airport to check out some of the old war planes they had on display there. Anyone that knows me, knows I love anything that has to do with planes and helicopters. I love old planes. These were so neat to see up close. We even got to go into the cockpit of one of the old B29 bomber plane FIFI. That was awesome. If this comes back to Lunken or to a location near you make sure you check it out. If you are a  fan of old planes you will love this. While you are looking at the planes make sure you take time to talk or thank some of the veterans that you might see there. They can tell you a lot of history about the planes.
Disclaimer..I am not getting paid to do this post nor did I receive anything. We paid to get in.

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