Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tour of St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

We took a tour of the St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption. This is a very beautiful church. The stained glass windows in this church is breath taken . The building of this church began in 1894 and was ended  in 1915. Even today it is still largely unfinished.  The inside of the church measures 180 feet in length and 81 feet in height. It is modeled after the Abbey Church of St. Denis, Paris. What is so neat about this church, is when you walk in the front door and look down the aisle you will see it is in the shape of a cross. 
There is 82 stained glass windows that line the church. They were made in Munich, Germany. The Cathedral's north transept window is the world's largest church stained glass window. It measures 67 feet in length and 24 feet wide. 
This is truly a beautiful church both inside and out. In the back of the church they have a beautiful small garden area with a little fountain. My favorite part has to be the Gargoyles that call the top of the church home. There is 26 Gargoyles that watch over the church. I love how this church has a gothic look to it. 
It is free to take a tour of the church, which is opened 9:30 to 4:00 Monday thru Saturday. They do have mass Monday thru Friday at 9:30am and Saturday at 4:30pm. 
The church is located at 1140 Madison Ave. Covington, Kentucky. 
                                           The large stained glass window
                                          Loved these guys 
                                       The Organ 

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