Sunday, July 21, 2013

Paul Brown Stadium Tour

We took a tour of Paul Brown Stadium. For those of you who do not know Paul Brown Stadium is home to the Cincinnati Bengal's football team. This tour was open to all season ticket holders and a guest. Doug has been a season ticket holder for years now and he is a die hard fan. He even has the Chinese writing for Who Dey tattooed on his wrist. This was a really neat tour to take. We got to go onto the field and threw a football around. We also got to go into the locker room and see some of the players awards and personal things that they had in their lockers. If you are a season ticket holder or you know someone who is I would check this tour out. It is a self guided tour and you can take your time and look at all the stuff and play on the field. We threw the football for about 15 minutes and Doug was very surprised that I could catch a football ( never underestimate the power of a ginger just ask Andy Dalton..lol..)
We had a very fun time and Doug was in heaven. 

                                                      The official football of the NFL 

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