Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cincinnati Memorial Hall Tour

We visited Hamilton County Memorial Hall on July 23rd, 2013 and we met Teresa Summe-Haas, Executive Director of Cincinnati Memorial Hall. She was very welcoming and gave us a tour of the building. Afterwards, we were allowed to discover on our own, the beautiful and rich architecture and history of the building.  

Cincinnati Memorial Hall was built in 1908 by the architect Samuel Hannaford. Located on Elm Street next to Washington Park, it served as a meeting place for generations of Cincinnati veterans.

Cincinnati Memorial Hall was designed for patriotic oratory and meetings of its community of veterans and citizens. There are two principal zones of activity, the Green and Gold Rooms on the First Floor and the Joni Herschede Auditorium on the Second Floor.

The Green and Gold Rooms (which in the early days, the gentlemen were only allowed to congregate in the Green room and the ladies in the Gold room) are of equal size and open off of a central hallway allowing visitors to move easily between them.

The Auditorium has a seating capacity of more than 500(610 to be exact) places including seating in the balcony; 370, auditorium 190 and boxes 50.

Memorial Hall’s exterior design includes a symmetrical facade, expansive stairs, Corinthian columns, and graceful round-arched window openings. As for the interior, the walls, floors and steps to each floor are made of marble as well as the walls and foundation of the stage.

It is the longtime home of the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra and the location of Cincinnati's MusicNow festival.

There are many architectural and historical items to find here( such as the light bulbs, which at that time was novel)  and I encourage you to visit and learn more about this great landmark.

Thank you Teresa for your hospitality, we really appreciate it. 
Memorial Hall is located at 1225 Elm Street. Cincinnati, Ohio

Disclaimer: We did not receive anything for doing this post.

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