Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cincinnati Memorial Hall Tour

We visited Hamilton County Memorial Hall on July 23rd, 2013 and we met Teresa Summe-Haas, Executive Director of Cincinnati Memorial Hall. She was very welcoming and gave us a tour of the building. Afterwards, we were allowed to discover on our own, the beautiful and rich architecture and history of the building.  

Cincinnati Memorial Hall was built in 1908 by the architect Samuel Hannaford. Located on Elm Street next to Washington Park, it served as a meeting place for generations of Cincinnati veterans.

Cincinnati Memorial Hall was designed for patriotic oratory and meetings of its community of veterans and citizens. There are two principal zones of activity, the Green and Gold Rooms on the First Floor and the Joni Herschede Auditorium on the Second Floor.

The Green and Gold Rooms (which in the early days, the gentlemen were only allowed to congregate in the Green room and the ladies in the Gold room) are of equal size and open off of a central hallway allowing visitors to move easily between them.

The Auditorium has a seating capacity of more than 500(610 to be exact) places including seating in the balcony; 370, auditorium 190 and boxes 50.

Memorial Hall’s exterior design includes a symmetrical facade, expansive stairs, Corinthian columns, and graceful round-arched window openings. As for the interior, the walls, floors and steps to each floor are made of marble as well as the walls and foundation of the stage.

It is the longtime home of the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra and the location of Cincinnati's MusicNow festival.

There are many architectural and historical items to find here( such as the light bulbs, which at that time was novel)  and I encourage you to visit and learn more about this great landmark.

Thank you Teresa for your hospitality, we really appreciate it. 
Memorial Hall is located at 1225 Elm Street. Cincinnati, Ohio

Disclaimer: We did not receive anything for doing this post.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Paul Brown Stadium Tour

We took a tour of Paul Brown Stadium. For those of you who do not know Paul Brown Stadium is home to the Cincinnati Bengal's football team. This tour was open to all season ticket holders and a guest. Doug has been a season ticket holder for years now and he is a die hard fan. He even has the Chinese writing for Who Dey tattooed on his wrist. This was a really neat tour to take. We got to go onto the field and threw a football around. We also got to go into the locker room and see some of the players awards and personal things that they had in their lockers. If you are a season ticket holder or you know someone who is I would check this tour out. It is a self guided tour and you can take your time and look at all the stuff and play on the field. We threw the football for about 15 minutes and Doug was very surprised that I could catch a football ( never underestimate the power of a ginger just ask Andy Dalton..lol..)
We had a very fun time and Doug was in heaven. 

                                                      The official football of the NFL 

Visit to Florence Nature Park

We visited the Florence Nature Park in Boone County. This is a 15 acre park that is very peaceful. If you are looking for a park that has a play area for your kids this is not the park for you as they do not have one. But if you want a park that is very well kept and has a nice paved walking trail then this is the place for you. This park is way back off the main road. There is a lot of shaded areas that you can go and sit and have a picnic. The also have a few giant stone animals. The day we went, I took my little guy Happy with me and he had a blast looking at the animals and sitting on them. There was guy's there from the Boone county parks that were doing some work and the one gentleman even had doggie treats with him, so he made Happy's day. I really enjoyed this park and will be going back often.
The park is located at 7200 Nature Park Drive ( off Banklick Street ) Florence, Ky.

Tour of St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

We took a tour of the St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption. This is a very beautiful church. The stained glass windows in this church is breath taken . The building of this church began in 1894 and was ended  in 1915. Even today it is still largely unfinished.  The inside of the church measures 180 feet in length and 81 feet in height. It is modeled after the Abbey Church of St. Denis, Paris. What is so neat about this church, is when you walk in the front door and look down the aisle you will see it is in the shape of a cross. 
There is 82 stained glass windows that line the church. They were made in Munich, Germany. The Cathedral's north transept window is the world's largest church stained glass window. It measures 67 feet in length and 24 feet wide. 
This is truly a beautiful church both inside and out. In the back of the church they have a beautiful small garden area with a little fountain. My favorite part has to be the Gargoyles that call the top of the church home. There is 26 Gargoyles that watch over the church. I love how this church has a gothic look to it. 
It is free to take a tour of the church, which is opened 9:30 to 4:00 Monday thru Saturday. They do have mass Monday thru Friday at 9:30am and Saturday at 4:30pm. 
The church is located at 1140 Madison Ave. Covington, Kentucky. 
                                           The large stained glass window
                                          Loved these guys 
                                       The Organ 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hathaway's Diner

We decided to have breakfast at Hathaway's Diner. This is a 50's style diner that has been around since 1956. This was our first time there and I have to say I love this place. We went for breakfast but I am going back to try some of the lunch and dinner items they offer. This diner has two long winding counter tops and they also have tables with long bench like seats. You can sit at the counter if you want the true diner experience. Oh and the waitresses wear 50's style dresses. This is a laid back place where all the employees are very sweet and friendly. The service was great and the food was delicious.   It is nice to go to a place that has been in business for so long and they know how to treat people. 
I had the sausage, egg, and biscuit and gravy and Doug had the ham, peppers, and onion omelet with toast and hash browns. 
Hathaway's is located in the Carew Tower in Downtown Cincinnati.
If you want a place to eat where the food is awesome and the service is great take a step back in time and visit Hathaway's.
Disclaimer...I am not getting paid nor am I receiving anything for doing this post. We paid for our own food.  The opinions  stated here are my own.

                                             My breakfast 

                                           Doug's Breakfast

Warbird Planes at Lunken Airport

We paid a visit last Sunday to Lunken Airport to check out some of the old war planes they had on display there. Anyone that knows me, knows I love anything that has to do with planes and helicopters. I love old planes. These were so neat to see up close. We even got to go into the cockpit of one of the old B29 bomber plane FIFI. That was awesome. If this comes back to Lunken or to a location near you make sure you check it out. If you are a  fan of old planes you will love this. While you are looking at the planes make sure you take time to talk or thank some of the veterans that you might see there. They can tell you a lot of history about the planes.
Disclaimer..I am not getting paid to do this post nor did I receive anything. We paid to get in.