Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cincinnati Public Library

                                          The water fountain

We went to the Cincinnati public library. This is the main library in Cincinnati. I am a big book worm and I loved this library. It is a big place and has everything from books ( of course ) to a coffee shop, art, and a gift shop. I loved the gift shop. It is called the Friends Shop and they carry everything from books to jewelry that is made by local people. I love to shop at places like that for neat and one of a kind gifts. I did some early Christmas shopping there. The staff at the gift shop and library are very friendly and helpful. I could spend all day there just looking at all the books. They have a water fountain out front of their building that is made to look like books. I think that is so neat looking. I loved it.  If you are in the downtown area stop in and see the library for yourself. 
They are located at 800 Vine Street. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

                                          The gift shop

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