Saturday, June 15, 2013

Burnet Woods Park

We visited Burnet Woods Park which is adjacent to University of Cincinnati campus. This is a nice park. They have a fishing lake and while we were there we saw some big fish swimming around. This park is 90 acres. They have a play ground for kids and picnic areas. It is home to the Wolff Planetarium. The oldest public planetarium west of the Allegheny Mountains.
The neat thing about this park and something I have never seen in a park before is they have stairs that lead down to a picnic area and the right side of the steps is a slide. I guess that is one way to get down the stairs faster :)
This is a very nice park and I am sure we will be going back. I think Doug and my dad might go there and see if they can catch that big fish we saw. 
Burnet Woods Park is located at 3251 Brookline Drive. Cincinnati, Ohio

                                          The big fish
                                          Fins of the big fish

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