Saturday, May 11, 2013

Florence Freedom Ball Team

I thought I would do a post on the Florence Freedom Baseball team since the season is getting ready to start soon. I love the Florence Freedom, I have been to numerous  games and have always had a blast. I like going to the Reds game, but I would much rather go to go a Freedom's game. There are so much fun. Florence Freedom is our minor league team. You can get great seat's for an amazing price, everything ( food and gift shop) are all on the same level so no walking up and down all the steps and all over just to get a drink or something to eat. You can get things signed by the players after the games. I have a baseball and a jersey that have been signed by them as well as signed by Liberty himself, the best mascot there is next to Belle, who I might add is a beautiful lady :)
The other thing I love about Florence Freedom is they are always helping those in need and different charities. They have food drives and they also do a Strike Out Cancer night where they wear pink jersey and then auction them off for cancer. On Strike Out Cancer night they have people who have had cancer or still fighting it to come down on the field and they honor them. This is a special thing to me as my mom is a breast cancer survivor and I am fighting leukemia. I was there one year when they did that and I went onto the field, its the little things like that, that makes a huge difference and shows what a great group of men these are.
They also always have things for kids. They have a big play area and they are always having kids coming out onto the field.
All in all this is a great place to go and a great group of people. I know I will be there a lot this year to support them.
Tickets are $10.00 for reserved, $12.00 for dugout, and $14.00 for VIP where you will have a waitress bring you your food and drinks. You can not believe the prices, they are great!!
Their web page is www.florencefreedom.com
If you are looking for something fun to do this summer check out a Florence Freedom game I am sure you will love it and have a blast :)
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to do this post nor am I getting anything from the Florence Freedom. All opinions stated are all my own.

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