Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gilpin's Steamed Sandwiches

On Sunday we had lunch at Gilpin's Steamed Sandwiches and let me just say this place has the most amazing sandwiches I have had. For starters you can get them on pretzel bread and that alone is awesomeness in itself. They have all kind of different sandwiches that you can get and they all have really cute name. You can also make your sandwich with what ever you want on it. They have a bored and you can write your sandwich combo that you come up with on it and what you call it. I had the playboy Club and it was so good. It had ham, turkey, bacon, swiss cheese, tomato, and mayo but I did not get the mayo. This sandwich was prefect. It was steamed so the pretzel bun was warm and the cheese was melted. 
Doug had the Christopher Walkin on a pretzel bun.
This is not a big place but that is fine by me. After we ordered we went upstairs to get a table and up there they have a T.V. that has a fake fire in it with a fire place screen around it. They also have another T.V. that has are you ready for this....an old school Nintendo with games that you can play while you wait for your food.
They offer other things besides steamed sandwiches, they have steamed hot dogs, steamed cheeseburgers, chicken and tune salad, veggie, and dessert.
I will be going back and trying some of the other things they have.
When we went they were not that busy and there was only one guy that was working there but the service was amazing and he was so friendly and helpful. 
Gilpin's steamed sandwiches is located at 37 East 7th Street. Cincinnati, Ohio
If you love great sandwiches and pretzel bread then you should check them out.
Disclaimer I am not getting paid to do this blog nor did I receive anything in return. We paid for our food. The opinions stated here are all my own 

Enchanted Forest

On Sunday April 7,2013 we went and saw the Enchanted Forest Early Spring Show at Krohn Conservatory. I love the Krohn and getting to see all the beautiful flowers that they have. The Enchanted Forest show was so pretty. It had a few Elf and Fairy houses that I loved. The Krohn went all out for this show, like they do all of their shows. We had a good time looking at all the little house and seeing all the beautiful spring flower. As you walked through you could tell that spring was in the air. Unfortunately the day we went was the last day off the show, but I think they might bring it back again next year if they do make sure you check it out you will love it.
Disclaimer...I am not getting paid to do this blog nor did I received anything in return for it. We paid to get into the show. All the opinions stated here are all my own :)