Saturday, March 2, 2013

Abner Gaines Tavern

We got to take a tour of the Abner Gaines Tavern Home in Walton, Ky.
This is a beautiful home that sits right next to the train tracks and it is also said to be haunted. This use to be home to a train station as well as a home ran by slaves. There has been several suicides as well as murders and hangings that have taken place on this property. 
The first room in the house our tour guide said that she was playing the piano and when she was done she went outside and when she did she head a small child asking her to play the song again and named the song she was playing. There was no kids around when she playing. I believe this place is haunted. You get the feeling that someone is watching you when you are in the house. There is also a place to the side of the house that is just a wooded area and they said that is where some of the slaves are buried in unmarked graves. When we walked over to check it out, we got to where the grass starts to be overgrown which is where the burial spots start and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. It was freezing cold in that spot but when we walked back from it the temperate returned to normal.  If you ever have the chance to tour this house do it. The furniture inside the house is beautiful. 
The house is located at 400 North Main Street. Walton, Ky.
I am not sure if you are allowed on the farm or not so you might want to call the city of Walton and ask them so you don't get into trouble for trespassing.

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