Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sugar and Spice Restaurant

On our quest for new places to eat, we went to Sugar and Spice Restaurant. This is an amazing little restaurant. The people who work there are so friendly and the service is great. But the best part is the food. You will love the home cooked meals at this place. This is not a big place as you can tell from the pictures but don't let the size fool you, you will love the food. We went on a Sunday and we got there around 11:30 am and the place was packed. We waited about 25 minutes but it was so worth the wait. If you go and they are busy be sure to wait you will be glad you did. They have 100 of little rubber ducks on shelves on the wall and the ( I think he was the owner ) gave us our pick of little rubber ducks. He was going around to the tables with buckets of them letting people pick out the ones they want..it was so cute to have a little something to take home ( it's the little things ).
The owner said they are known for their omelets and pancakes. The gentleman that was sitting next to me had the omelet and when they brought it out it was huge. It looked like it had 10 eggs in it..LOL..
He said he travels all over and he has only been to two places that had amazing omelets  one place was in Philadelphia and the other was Sugar and Spice.
I had 2 eggs, bacon, and french toast and it was so good. Doug had the Not So Reuben Reuben and fries. I love the names they have for their lunches. There is Cock-A-Doodle which is a chicken breast sandwich. A Lotta Bull which is a big hamburger. Those are just a few.
I LOVE this place and I will be going back. 
They are located at 4381 Reading Road. Cincinnati, Ohio.
They are opened Monday- Sunday from 7am to 3pm
Their website is sugar-n-spice-restaurant.com
Disclaimer..I am not getting paid for this blog nor did I receive anything from Sugar and Spice. We paid for our meal. This is my own opinion. 

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