Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shillito's Elves

When I was growing up one of my family's holiday tradition was to drive down to see the Shillito's Elves every year at Shillito's department store. After awhile they made way with the elves and Shillitio's . This past year Newport on the Levee brought the elves back and I was so happy. I took Doug to see them because he had never seen them before and it was nice to share a tradition that I had as a child with someone else. The elves all move and they all have a job to do. There is elves sorting the children's letters to Santa so they can be mailed, there is a Santa that is fishing while a little squirrel claps as he catches a fish, there is elves painting and cutting wood. It is just a awesome thing to see. 
When I was a child we didn't have all the animated things that are out now, so I would just stand and look at the elves as they moved and to me it was amazing. 
The kids that were there when we were, they were just as in aw as I use to be. I am so happy that the Levee brought the elves back. They also had Lego town and a huge model train display. If they have them this year make sure you check them out. I am sure you will think they are as neat as I do...Hugs 
Disclaimer..I am not getting paid for this post nor did the Levee or the people associated with the elves paid me. The views stated here are my own opinion 

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