Tuesday, January 29, 2013

21C Museum Hotel

On Sunday January 27,2013 we went to visit the 21C Museum Hotel. This is located in downtown Cincinnati across the street from the Aronoff Center. This is a neat place to go see. The 21C has a art on every floor and in every room, they have a restaurant called Metropole , 156 room hotel, a spa, a hot tub on the roof, with a beautiful view looking out over Cincinnati and the best part is they have yellow penguins all over the hotel that are about 4 feet tall. I loved the penguins.  They even have a wax figure of Madonna. 
We are the second city to have the 21C , the first one is in Louisville, Ky and they are home to the red penguins. There is art everywhere you look at this museum hotel. There is even art made into the wall's of the bathroom, and each room is different. The room we went into there was a nose, ear, eye, lip and other parts in the wall. They also have what I called the germ floor that leads to the public restrooms. It is a cool floor that that has green looking germs all over it and when you walk on it they move. The gallery pieces of art change periodically. This is a great place to visit and the staff there are very friendly. I have never came in contact with a better group of people, they go beyond customer service. If they treat you like that and you are just visiting the museum, I can only imaged how they treat their guest. 
The museum is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and there is no charge to get in. 
When I go down to Louisville, I will be sure to check out the one they have there and the red penguins. If you are in the Cincinnati or Louisville area check them out. 
21C Museum and Hotel is located at 609 Walnut Street. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Disclaimer..I am not getting paid or receiving anything for this post. The views stated here are my  opinions.   

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