Tuesday, January 29, 2013

21C Museum Hotel

On Sunday January 27,2013 we went to visit the 21C Museum Hotel. This is located in downtown Cincinnati across the street from the Aronoff Center. This is a neat place to go see. The 21C has a art on every floor and in every room, they have a restaurant called Metropole , 156 room hotel, a spa, a hot tub on the roof, with a beautiful view looking out over Cincinnati and the best part is they have yellow penguins all over the hotel that are about 4 feet tall. I loved the penguins.  They even have a wax figure of Madonna. 
We are the second city to have the 21C , the first one is in Louisville, Ky and they are home to the red penguins. There is art everywhere you look at this museum hotel. There is even art made into the wall's of the bathroom, and each room is different. The room we went into there was a nose, ear, eye, lip and other parts in the wall. They also have what I called the germ floor that leads to the public restrooms. It is a cool floor that that has green looking germs all over it and when you walk on it they move. The gallery pieces of art change periodically. This is a great place to visit and the staff there are very friendly. I have never came in contact with a better group of people, they go beyond customer service. If they treat you like that and you are just visiting the museum, I can only imaged how they treat their guest. 
The museum is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and there is no charge to get in. 
When I go down to Louisville, I will be sure to check out the one they have there and the red penguins. If you are in the Cincinnati or Louisville area check them out. 
21C Museum and Hotel is located at 609 Walnut Street. Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sims Furniture Christmas Window

Every year Sims furniture in Covington, Ky. does a Christmas window display. They have nearly 50 animated characters and some of them move. They have a Reindeer stall, a candy cane forest, Santa's workshop, a Santa that is in bed and wakes up, and a Santa that is checking his list. These are all in the windows that you can see from the outside of the store. Inside the store they have a 20' display that has Santa and Mrs Claus flying in their sleigh with four reindeer. 
This is a very neat display to see and they do it every year so when the Christmas season rolls around again make sure you go and check it out. 
Sims furniture is located at 727 Madison Ave. Covington, Ky. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cavalcade of Customs

On January 13,2013 we went to The Cavalcade of Customs. I love old cars so I was looking forward to going to this. We took my Dad and it was fun walking around with him and having him point out all the cars he has owed. I even remember a few of them. They also had a BMX bike show there and that was really neat to see. They have so much to see and do that you could make a day of it. This year it was at The Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. They had both floors packed with cars and things to see. They even had the Ghost Buster car there and you know I had to get a picture by that. I know we will be going back next year. If it comes to your area be sure to check it out. Even if you are not a fan of old cars it is still neat to see and plus they have some new cars there also. Hugs :)
Disclaimer..The views and opinions stated here are my own, I was not paid to post this. I paid to get into the show.  


I am a BIG fan of the Batmobile car's so I was beyond happy when I had the chance to see 3 of them. We were at The Cavalcade of Customs and they had the Batmobile's there. Let me tell you they were amazing to see. They had my favorite one there which is the black one so of course I made Doug get a picture taken with me by it. If you have the chance to see these cars up close be sure to check them out. They are so awesome... ....Hug's :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Danielle Colby Cushman

On Sunday January 13,2013, I had the honor of meeting Danielle Colby Cushman from the t.v. show American Pickers. I am a huge fan of that show and so is my dad. I have always thought she seemed so sweet and I love the fact that even though she is beautiful she is not what everybody thinks the typical woman should look like. She is herself and that makes her more beautiful inside and out. My dad has been a fan of American Pickers since he has started so I knew that he would love meeting her. I took him with me and let me just say he was in heaven when he saw her, I still don't think he has gotten over it. She spent time talking with him and that made his year. When it was my turn to meet her, I was a little nervous. Here I was standing next to this beautiful woman who is on t.v. but she was so sweet it was like we were long time friends. She talked about how she loved my shirt I was wearing and I loved her boots she had on ( you know how women are nothing brings us together like fashion..lol..). If you ever have the chance to meet her do not pass it up you will not be disappointed. She is sweet, friendly, down to earth and pretty. If you have never watched American Pickers you should check it out. It is on the History Channel... Hug's :)
Disclaimer..this is my own views and opinions. I am not getting paid to post this by Danielle, American Pickers, or the History Channel.