Friday, November 23, 2012

Haunted Dinsmore Homestead

We took a tour of The Dinsmore Homestead. This was a haunted tour that we did. This place is so full of history and a couple of ghost. There has been a few deaths that have taken place there. This  house is so beautiful and they do all kinds of tours not just haunted. On our tour we got to tour the family cemetery and that was really cool. We went up to it at night and it was creepy. They had the people there from P.I.N.K. which is the Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky,and they were picking up some readings especially in the cemetery. I know the pictures I took in the cemetery had some strange things flying around them. You should check out The Dinsmore Homestead even if you are not into the haunted things they offer all kinds of tours and they do a Christmas tour also. It is worth it to go just to hear the history and see the beautiful house and all the beautiful items that are still in the house. This was a well known family and they had alot of celebrity friends.
The Dinsmore Homestead is located at 5656 Burlington Pike. Burlington, Kentucky.
Their web page is www.dinsmorefarm.org
Hope you have the chance to check them out...Hug's :) 

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