Friday, November 23, 2012

Balluminaria 2012

On November 17,2012 Eden Park had Balluminaria. This is where hot air balloons light up the mirror lake that is in Eden Park. There was 11 balloons and they filled them up, and when it was dark they did a light show with them. This was so neat to see. I loved it. If they do it next year and I am sure they will since this was I think the 3rd year they have done it, make sure you go and check it out. They also had food trucks there and you could warm up with some hot chocolate and coffee. There was also entertainers that were walking around. There was Santa there and some cast members from the Nut Cracker. It was a good time and it is free. It is one of the largest hot air balloon festivals in the country. Eden Park is located at 950 Eden Park Drive. Cincinnati, Ohio.
If you were there let me know what you thought of it...hugs :)

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