Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stapps Circle S Ranch

A few week's ago Doug and I went to Greensburg, Indiana to visit the Stapps Circle S Ranch. This is an amazing place to go see. But I have to be honest the main reason I went was to see the baby lion Africa they have. I know you are thinking I can see a baby lion at the zoo and you are right but   can you play and hold a baby lion at the zoo?? I don't think so, but at Stapps you can. We played with Africa and got to watch her eat and hear her talk and let me tell you it is a experience I will never forget. She is the cutest little thing and so sweet. It is hard to think how big she is going to be when you are holding her and she is so small. They not only have a baby lion, this place has 3 tigers, and one of the tigers loves to play ball with you, it was so cute. They have a full grown lion, which will be Africa's mate when she gets older. They have a wolf, 2 baby bears, the mom and dad bears to the babies, they have a bunch of chicken's, turkeys, they have donkeys, camels, water buffalo, alpacas, lemurs, and so many more. This is a neat place to go and visit if you are a animal lover like I am. I had so much fun there, I will be going back. The people there are so friendly and sweet and they know so much about the animals. It is nice to see how cared for and loved these animals are. 
If you would like to check out Stapps Circle S Ranch they are located at 4860 East State Road 46. Greensburg, Indiana.
Their phone number is 1-812-663-6709
Check out their web page at www.stappscirclesranch.com
I think you will love this place as much as I did.  Hugs :)
Disclaimer...I am not getting paid to do this post and the opinion's posted are my true opinion's. I paid to get into the ranch with my own money. 

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