Wednesday, July 4, 2012

United States Air Force Museum

We went to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio and I loved this place. I love anything that has to do with planes and helicopters. This place is big, you can spend all day there and still not see everything.  It has three huge hangars and a outdoor exhibit, and its all on Wright Patterson Air Force Base. When you go into the exhibit called the hall of early flight, the first thing you will see is a replica of the airplane built and flown by Wilbur and Orville Wright. This was so neat to see. They even have two lifelike mannequins representing the famed pair. This place is truly amazing and so full of history. As you are walking through the museum be sure to look up there is planes and helicopters hanging from the ceiling. Even with all the history and planes that are there, which are two things I love, the museum also has something else that is special about it, something else that I love...It is said to be haunted. There is a world War II section in the museum and this is one of the places said to be haunted, especially the Lady Be Good exhibit, a memorial to the B-24 bomber that went down in the Libyan desert during the war. The story is that six bodies were recovered at the crash site, while another crew member managed to walk a 179 miles without water through the desert before finally dying in the blazing sands. There is another story that says an unidentified crewman disappeared, rescuers followed his footsteps into the desert until they, disappeared. All that is left of Lady Be Good is a few large pieces of metal, but some people have reported seeing her crew. Dressed in World War II uniforms, they linger in the corner near the exhibit Strawberry Bitch, a completely intact B-24. This is one of the planes I was most drawn to and I have no clue why at first it was a joke between me and Doug that I liked it because of the name and the fact that I have red hair. Doug took a few pictures of me by the plane and we both took pictures of the plane and still for some reason when we were done I could not walk away from the plane. I just kept looking at it like I was drawn to it. We went there before I even had a clue that it was suppose to be haunted. I did not know it was haunted until I read the book GhostHunting Ohio. This is not the only place in the museum that is said to be haunted. There is a lot more. I took some pictures of planes and I had to take 5 or 6 pictures just to get one that was not blurry, which is very strange. 
Where I work at I have a patient that comes in and he is a older man and a veteran. He is a very nice man and he knows all there is to know about planes and also the museum. So one day we were talking and I asked him if he thought the museum might be haunted ( you have to be careful who you ask these kind of questions to because some people still think I am crazy for believing in this stuff ). Anyway I asked him and he told me "that before I answer that do you believe in thing you can see but can not explain" I told him yes. From there he began to tell me how he has seen things while visiting the museum. They close down the museum but they let him and his group of veterans do tours and bring guest. He said on one of these tours he was walking around and he saw people dressed like there were from the war hanging out by planes. He said he knew no one else was in the museum but him and his group and they were all on the other side looking at a display. He said as he got close to them they just went away like they vanished. Now this is a man who is very religious and would not make things up. So what he was telling me, I knew he saw and was telling the truth.
If you think about it the museum houses so many planes from the war. And so many of them have lost crew members or have seen death that is not strange or uncommon for a place like this to be haunted. I have heard how a lot of soldiers take such good care of their planes, so I guess when you die in something that you love for a country that you love it is hard to leave that plane or your crew members.
If you are in Dayton, Ohio be sure to check out this place and who  knows you just might see a ghost. 
There are located at 1100 Spaatz Street. Wright Patterson AFB Ohio ( near Dayton )
There web page is www.nationalmuseum.af.mil
They are open daily 9-5. They are closed Thanksgiving, Christmas day, and New Years day. 
Admission is free.  

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