Sunday, July 8, 2012

Harding Jones Paper Mill Visit

I was watching channel 12 news on night and they had the Harding Jones Paper Mill on it. I really would not have paid much attention  to it till they said that it is haunted. So you know me once I head that, I had to go check this place out. Whether if this building is haunted or not it is a very creepy looking building even in day time. This building has stood in Middletown, Ohio for nearly 130 years. The mill employed hundreds of people and made the finest paper. Even when the mill was opened and running employees said they saw and heard things they could never explain.  Workers refused to go to the top of the mill alone at night. A Tri state paranormal group went with channel 12 news and they have also been there once before. They say they have found enough evidence to think the mill has paranormal activity. Channel 12 news camera captured a smoke light image moving from right to left and then disappeared. The experts who reviewed the footage had no clue what the image was. This led them to believe that some kind of paranormal energy signal happened during that taping. This place a beautiful building, I have seen pictures of it before it was abandoned and it looked creepy even then. This is private property so you can not enter the building and you can not go around the back of the building, there is a gate that is closed and locked. When I was taken pictures of the building, I do like I always do and just start taken pictures. I have no certain things that I take pictures of. I take them of walls, windows, doors, anything. After we got home and downloaded my pictures, Doug was looking at them. In one of the pictures there is what looks like a face looking out the upstairs window. After seeing that and hearing the story's from the people who worked there about the upstairs, I can now see why they will not go up there alone. I would love to be able to go inside this building and take a tour. Maybe one day they will let me. 
The mill is located in Middletown, Ohio.

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