Thursday, July 5, 2012

Golden Lamb

Last year for my birthday I was taken somewhere, where I have wanted to visit for awhile Golden Lamb in Lebanon, Ohio. I wanted to go there for the food, the history, to see the historic town, and because the Golden Lamb is haunted. Lebanon is an amazing town. There is so much to see and do there. The Golden Lamb is so beautiful. Not only can you have an amazing meal you can also stay there. The upstairs is a hotel and the rooms are name after some of the famous people that have stayed there over the years.  The Golden Lamb opened in 1803 and has hosted ten U.S. presidents..John Quincy Adams, Grant McKinley, Van Buren, both Benjamin and William Henry Harrison, Hayes, Garfield, Harding, and Taft. Other notables have stayed there also..Henry Clay, Horace Mann, DeWitt Clinton, Daniel Webster, Harriett Beecher Stowe, William Dean Howells, Clement Vallandigham, Cordel Hull, James Whitcomb Riley, Charles Dickens, and Mark Twain. Some of these guest spirits still roam the Golden Lamb. One of the spirits is that of Clement Vallandigham, a U.S. congressman from Ohio during the Civil War. There is a room on the second floor of the Golden Lamb called The Vallandigham Dining Room. In this room Vallandigham accidentally shot himself to death. His ghost is a regular at the Golden Lamb. One of the most popular ghost at the Golden Lamb is that of Sarah. I could not wait to see her room. Sarah was the daughter of Albert and Eunice Stubbs. Albert died when Sarah was just a child, her mother moved them into the Golden Lamb, which was then owned by her brother in law, Isaac Stubbs. They lived on the second floor in what is now the Presidential Dining Room. Sarah lived at the inn for several years, grew up, and had a family of her own, and passed away from old age. But it is Sarah who haunts the Golden Lamb as a little girl. Today when you go to the Golden Lamb and visit the Sarah Room you will see her childhood rocker and a small table. These were owned by Sarah herself when she was a child. The Sarah room is now kept as a museum to her. When you look into the window in the door, you will see a doll crib, a small bed, a sled, a old fashion dress, and a lot of other toys and items that a young girl would have. There has been lots of reports of seeing Sarah, from housekeepers working on the fourth floor hearing the sound of a tricycle in the hall and heard a child voice call out Sarah's back. When they go into the hall no one is there, to guest staying at the Golden Lamb.
When we were there we took a lot of pictures and no orbs showed up on any of them. But when we were going up  the steps to see Sarah room I made a comment to Doug that I really hope I see Sarah. So we stopped on the steps and had a picture taken of each of us. As I was having my picture taken I said hi Sarah and in the picture of me there is orbs. So who knows maybe Sarah was saying hi back.
If you are ever in Lebanon you should check out the Golden Lamb. Even you do not believe in ghost or spirits, there is still a lot of history to see and the food there is wonderful. We dined in The Dickens Room. It is truly an amazing place. 
Golden Lamb is located at 27 South Broadway Street. Lebanon, Ohio.
Their web page is www.goldenlamb.com

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