Thursday, July 5, 2012

Glendower Mansion Lebanon

We went by the Glendower  Mansion while we were in Lebanon. This mansion was built in 1840's and then was expanded during the time following the Civil War. It is one of the largest mansions in Lebanon and it is said to be haunted. Today, the mansion is owned by the Warren County Historical Society. Inside the building people will hear the sounds of a raging fire in the fireplace despite the fact that there is not a fire burning. People have reported seeing strange lights. Many people claim that when they approach the front door, they hear the sound of a party inside. When they open the front door they find the building is empty and the sounds of the party disappear. 
This is a very beautiful building. At times throughout the year it is opened to the public for tours. It was not opened when we were there. It is hard to determine what the hours are from year to year. You can call them at 513-932-1817 to check on their hours. I have heard and read  that when the building is closed, a gate at the top of the driveway at Cincinnati Avenue is closed and the house is impossible to access. When we went the building was not open and the gate was opened so we were able to drive up and get out and look at the house. So I guess if you are around Lebanon and you want to see it, drive by there and maybe the gate will be opened.
Glendower Mansion is located at 105 Cincinnati Avenue. Lebanon, Ohio

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