Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blue Ball, Ohio

As most of you who know me, know I love strange and weird things. I have visited some pretty weird places and have seen some pretty weird things. But never in my 42 years on this earth have I ever visited a place with the name like the one Doug took me to. This placed was named of all things Blue Ball, Ohio. Yes you heard right it is called Blue Ball. 
It was established in 1820. It is at the intersection of Dixie Highway. There is a big blue ball that welcomes you to the town. This town was on a busy stage coach stop between Dayton and Cincinnati along the Dixie Highway, but kept being passed by because most stage coach drivers could not read the sign with the town's name on it. In 1862, the town council changed the municipal name to reflect a landmark, a blue colored metal sphere that was suspended above the intersection of the tow highways at the heart of town. 
If you are near Franklin, Ohio be sure to drive through Blue Ball. I am sure your friends will really  look at you like you are nuts when you tell them that is where you have been :)

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