Sunday, July 8, 2012

Traders World Visit

We went to Traders World in Monroe, Ohio. This place is very overwhelming. It is so big and there is so much to see. I don't think you could see everything in one visit. There is something there for everyone. There is toys, guns, fruit, clothes, leather, and anything else you can think of, you will most likely find it there. And there is more BIG animals ( fake ones ) all over outside, then you can count. On top of all the buildings there is giraffes. In the few buildings that I did go in, it was like a old car show when you first walk in. On each side of you there is old cars. This place is known as the best flea market, but it is just way to much for me. I have never been to a flea market where you can get a tattoo, get your teeth whitening, get your back cracked, have a stress test done, get your hair done, and buy stuff all in the same place. My dad and Doug go there about once a month. It is great exercise for me dad to get out and walk around and see what he can find. If you are into going to flea markets then you should check this one out. They say people come from all over the world to go to it. To be honest I liked the animals better then anything there. 
Traders World is located at 601 N Union Road. Monroe, Ohio. It is $2.00 per car to enter.
Happy flea marking :)

Blue Ball, Ohio

As most of you who know me, know I love strange and weird things. I have visited some pretty weird places and have seen some pretty weird things. But never in my 42 years on this earth have I ever visited a place with the name like the one Doug took me to. This placed was named of all things Blue Ball, Ohio. Yes you heard right it is called Blue Ball. 
It was established in 1820. It is at the intersection of Dixie Highway. There is a big blue ball that welcomes you to the town. This town was on a busy stage coach stop between Dayton and Cincinnati along the Dixie Highway, but kept being passed by because most stage coach drivers could not read the sign with the town's name on it. In 1862, the town council changed the municipal name to reflect a landmark, a blue colored metal sphere that was suspended above the intersection of the tow highways at the heart of town. 
If you are near Franklin, Ohio be sure to drive through Blue Ball. I am sure your friends will really  look at you like you are nuts when you tell them that is where you have been :)

Pig Monument

I have seen a lot of strange and weird thing's over the years. But while reading a book about odd thing's in Ohio, I came across a story about a monument to a pig in of all places Franklin, Ohio , which is where Doug was born and raised. So while Doug and I was going around some other places like Pirates Cove, Harding Jones Paper Mill, and a few other places we decided to go and see if it was true. Sure enough right in Franklin, Ohio is a monument to a pig. It is really a monument to  the Poland China Pig that was first bred in Franklin, Ohio. It just goes to show you that no matter where you might travel or visit you can always find weird and strange things to see. If you are in Franklin be sure to check out this monument. It is a great story to tell you friends and hey who cares if they look at you like you are strange, I get that look all the time from people :)
The monument is at 3899 Dixie Highway. Franklin, Ohio.

Harding Jones Paper Mill Visit

I was watching channel 12 news on night and they had the Harding Jones Paper Mill on it. I really would not have paid much attention  to it till they said that it is haunted. So you know me once I head that, I had to go check this place out. Whether if this building is haunted or not it is a very creepy looking building even in day time. This building has stood in Middletown, Ohio for nearly 130 years. The mill employed hundreds of people and made the finest paper. Even when the mill was opened and running employees said they saw and heard things they could never explain.  Workers refused to go to the top of the mill alone at night. A Tri state paranormal group went with channel 12 news and they have also been there once before. They say they have found enough evidence to think the mill has paranormal activity. Channel 12 news camera captured a smoke light image moving from right to left and then disappeared. The experts who reviewed the footage had no clue what the image was. This led them to believe that some kind of paranormal energy signal happened during that taping. This place a beautiful building, I have seen pictures of it before it was abandoned and it looked creepy even then. This is private property so you can not enter the building and you can not go around the back of the building, there is a gate that is closed and locked. When I was taken pictures of the building, I do like I always do and just start taken pictures. I have no certain things that I take pictures of. I take them of walls, windows, doors, anything. After we got home and downloaded my pictures, Doug was looking at them. In one of the pictures there is what looks like a face looking out the upstairs window. After seeing that and hearing the story's from the people who worked there about the upstairs, I can now see why they will not go up there alone. I would love to be able to go inside this building and take a tour. Maybe one day they will let me. 
The mill is located in Middletown, Ohio.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pirate's Cove Tropical Bar & Grill

A few weeks ago we went to Pirate's Cove for lunch. This place is a very neat place to go to. And if you have a Pirate lover in your family they will love it. I am a BIG Pirate lover so this was the place for me. You can visit them rain or shine. You can sit on their expansive deck or under  their tiki hut. It is a casual outdoor dining and they have live music seven night a week through the end of September. They also serve breakfast on the weekends. Monday night is family night. They have the best food. I had the mini burgers and they were great. The view we had was very pretty. Sometimes they have someone there dressed as a Pirate, when I was there I did not see them :( 
We will be going back and maybe I will get lucky and see the Pirate. 
Pirate's Cove is located at the Four Season right on the river.
Their address is 4609 Kellogg Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio.
I highly recommend this place. We will be going back :)
Disclaimer..I am not getting anything for posting this on my blog. The views are all my own.

Glendower Mansion Lebanon

We went by the Glendower  Mansion while we were in Lebanon. This mansion was built in 1840's and then was expanded during the time following the Civil War. It is one of the largest mansions in Lebanon and it is said to be haunted. Today, the mansion is owned by the Warren County Historical Society. Inside the building people will hear the sounds of a raging fire in the fireplace despite the fact that there is not a fire burning. People have reported seeing strange lights. Many people claim that when they approach the front door, they hear the sound of a party inside. When they open the front door they find the building is empty and the sounds of the party disappear. 
This is a very beautiful building. At times throughout the year it is opened to the public for tours. It was not opened when we were there. It is hard to determine what the hours are from year to year. You can call them at 513-932-1817 to check on their hours. I have heard and read  that when the building is closed, a gate at the top of the driveway at Cincinnati Avenue is closed and the house is impossible to access. When we went the building was not open and the gate was opened so we were able to drive up and get out and look at the house. So I guess if you are around Lebanon and you want to see it, drive by there and maybe the gate will be opened.
Glendower Mansion is located at 105 Cincinnati Avenue. Lebanon, Ohio