Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Entertrainment Junction Visit

We went to Entertrainment Junction and this place was awesome. Entertrainment Junction is home to the world's largest indoor train display. It is 80,000 square foot of fun for all ages. There is also a play area for all the little ones. They have a fun house that you have to check out. It has a mirror maze, outer limits: journey through the black hole. That was my favorite one. You feel like the bridge you walk across is moving. There is also curtain chaos and clown college. We went in October so we got to see the Halloween display that they have and it was really neat. In the winter time they have a Christmas display that I am going to be sure to go back and see. You can take a journey to the North Pole, where you can meet Santa and Mrs. Claus. It is like walking through a winter wonder land.
While you are there, you can eat at the Junction Cafe. They have good food and it's inside the building. They also have shopping in their two gift shops. We had a blast there so you should be sure to check it out. 
They are located at 7379 Squire Court. West Chester, Ohio. 
Their website is entertrainmentjunction.com

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spring Grove Cemetery

We went to Spring Grove Cemetery. This is a beautiful cemetery. This is one of the second largest cemetery's in the country. It is a massive 733-acres. Not only is it a cemetery , it is also an arboretum and park. It has walking paths and is a nice place to spend the day looking around at all the monuments and statues. Some of them date back to the 1800's. It is hard to believe when you look into some of the mausoleums how long they have been there. Some of them are just breath taken, they are so beautiful. The cemetery is also a National Historic Landmark. There is so much color and blooming trees and flowers through out the cemetery, there is also lakes, ponds, and bridges. When we were there, there was a family that was having family photos taken and I can see why they chose this place. As you will see from the pictures I will post it is beautiful. Spring Grove is the final resting place for a lot of important historical and war time figures. There is over thirty Civil War generals and lots of important politicians, including Salmon P. Chase, who was on Ohio senator, governor, and treasurer under Lincoln. But what you might not know about Spring Grove and one of the main reason I went to check it out is it is haunted. One of the thing's that is haunted is the Dexter Memorial. It is a large, beautiful structure. Very Gothic looking. You will see it upon entering the cemetery. This building just looks haunted as you will see from the pictures I will post. The picture at the start of this blog is the building. When you go to the building you can see the area where the coffins enter the structure, and the double sided stairs that lead up to the chapel doors. It is said if you sit on one of the front porches and look out over the grounds, you will see two white, shining dogs striding past the structure. 
That is not the only thing at Spring Grove that is suppose to be haunted. If you visit lot 100 you will see the bust of a man's head and it looks like he is looking at you. There is a rumor that they are real eyes but that can not be true because they would not have lasted all these years. They are glassed eyes and this is the grave of C.C Breuer. He is one of the first few optometrists in Cincinnati. He passed away at the age of 63 in 1908. It is said that his ghost resides in the bronze bust that is his grave marker. Legends say that the eyes in the bust will follow any passersby. This is a very neat thing to see and it does fell like the eyes are following you. I am not sure if his is haunted but I do know that Mr. Breuer spent his life helping people to see better. There is many other haunting's that people have said to take place here. I do not want to list them here out of respect for the family members. But if you read the book Haunted Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio, you will see the rest of them.
If you have the chance make sure you visit Spring Grove, you will be in aw of it's beauty. 
Spring Grove is located at 4521 Spring Grove Avenue. Cincinnati, Ohio.