Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rabbit Hash

If you are from anywhere in Kentucky or Ohio I know you have heard of Rabbit Hash. This is a little ( very little ) town where the Mayor is a dog..yes you heard right the Mayor of Rabbit Hash is a 4 legged little doggie.
On the banks of the Ohio River, just across the river from Indiana sits a community unlike any other in Kentucky...Rabbit Hash.
A tiny place, whose exact population is unknown but thought to be less then 40, Rabbit Hash transports visitors back in time. Though unarguably sleepy-looking at first glance, this unique community has its fair share of unique offerings, especially for those who love off the beaten path sights and places with proud and well preserved heritages. Established in 1813, this rural community sprung up around the steamboat. The Rabbit Hash general Store which remains the heart and sole of the community, which was built in 1831 to store goods waiting for steamboat transport. Though floods have continually wreaked havoc on the town, destroying homes and businesses, the General Store has stood strong, a system of rods and hooks anchoring the building so that it won't float away. That doesn't mean it hasn't flooded mud from the 1937 flood is still in the attic, but it's always bounced back. Today the General Store carries food, beverages, and staples needed by the local community, as well as Rabbit Hash souvenirs and a range of Kentucky arts and crafts. There is two buildings across the street that has antique collections. There is always something going on in Rabbit Hash from Old Timers Day to barn dances and if you really want to immerse yourself in life in  Rabbit Hash, see if the apartment room at the Old Hashienda is available. The 1,200 square foot rustic property has a bedroom with a queen bed, sitting room with queen futon, kitchen, bathroom, living and dining rooms and a front porch with a swing from which you can observe the comings and going of Rabbit Hash.
To get to Rabbit Hash and come on you know you want to go..lol.. take I-75 to Exit 178 and proceed west on Mt. Zion Road. Continue straight on Mt. Zion Road as it becomes Hathaway Road and Rabbit Hash Road. When Rabbit Hash Road ( Ky 536 ) intersects with East Bend Road and Rabbit Hash Hill Road, take Rabbit Hash Hill Road down to the river, where it intersects with Lower River Road. Take the left fork to reach the General Store and the heart of Rabbit Hash, which is about 16 miles from the interstate.
Website http://www.rabbithash.com/
Address 10021 Lower River Road.
I think Rabbit Hash is a cute little town, but for me, I am not big on that much of being in the country ( and I am from the country ) but if you love history and want to see and learn alot about the town then you should really check it out. And why you are there be sure to buy the bumper sticker they have that says Where In The Hell Is Rabbit Hash Kentucky?? Because I know when you tell your friends that's where you went they are going to ask you that same question. And make sure you get a picture of you with the mayor because they will not believe that you met the mayor of Rabbit Hash which is a cute doggie...Hug's :)

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