Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Hunt For Midget Town

A couple of weeks ago we went to Tri County Mall while we were there we decided to go and see if we could find Midget Town, or see if it was still standing. I was reading about Midget Town in Weird Ohio and thought it would be neat to see if there was one near me. Actually, as it turns out, there is a Tiny Town. The "real" one is located not far from Buffalo Ridge, behind the Rumpke dump. Now for the story of Midget Town. In the early 1960's, an eccentric farmer who owned property on the outskirts of the local waste management company decided to go into business running hayrides on his property. He constructed a miniature frontier village, complete with tiny little horses. He also had tiny red trucks to pull the wagons for hayrides. His own house, sat right there among the tiny frontier village, it was built into a hillside and appears to be partially underground. The whole operation sits practically on top of the road its on. In the middle of the boondocks. The last thing you would expect is to suddenly be driving through a freaky carnival with tiny little houses.
The legend about Midget Town goes, Only Midgets live there, They will shoot rock salt and throw rocks at you if you come down there and are over four feet tall.
We found Midget Town and I am sad to say that it is no longer there. It has been tore down like so many other things. It seems as Rumke might own the land now as I had two men from Rumke come to see what I was looking for. I went on the land where the town use to be, and I did not have any rocks throwed at me, but I did see way back in the woods a small house. There is not a sign anywhere on  the property that says no trespassing so I went on the property. But I am sure if the Rumpke people had found me on there they would had tried to call the cops, as the one guy who ask me not in such a nice tone "WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR". When they saw me, I was in the road so there was nothing they could do. If they don't want people looking for the town they need to post a no trespassing sign. It always makes me wonder when people get all bent out of shape over someone looking at something what are they trying to hide.
Anyway what time I was on the property I had a very strange feeling like something was peeking out from the bushes watching me. Also I was walking on concert and there was nothing on the walkway, no limbs from trees, no rocks are anything and out of the blue I tripped over a big rock makes me wonder where it came from. In the video I will post I said I found Midget Town in Weird Ky..It was in Weird Ohio book.

If you are by the Rumke landfill be sure to look and see if you can find where Midget Town use to be. Just watch out for the rocks that might be throwed at you, and also for the Rumpke people. Hugs :) 

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