Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ohio Caverns

We took a trip to West Liberty, Ohio to visit the Ohio Caverns. I loved this place. Ohio Caverns is the largest and most beautiful of all Ohio Caves. There is no beating a cavern tour on a hot summer day, or a freezing winter day for that matter. January or July, at Ohio Caverns you can be sure that it will be 54 below the surface, no matter what it is like outside. While you are down there, you will see stalagmites and stalactites in the palace of Gods, the Crystal Sea, and the Big Room. Ohio Caverns opened in 1897 and has a nice selection of specially named formations, such as the Old Town Pump, The Caveman's Couch, and the Devil's Tea Table. Most impressive, however, is the five foot long Crystal King satellite located in the Big Room.
The Caverns is located at 2210 East State Route 245 West Liberty, Ohio.
Website is http://www.ohiocaverns.com/
If you visit them there is a couple of things you should know. Be sure to take a jacket because it is cold down in the caves. You can look at all the satellites and stalagmites but don't touch. You can take all the pictures you want and trust me there is plenty of beautiful photo opportunities as you can see from my pictures, but you can not video anything down in the cave. Also as this is a real cave that is under the ground there is bats in it ( which I was happy about because I love bats ) I even took a picture of a baby bat sleeping. You will have a guide that will take you through the cave and tell you about it. There is also a 35 acre park located directly above the Caverns. There is a shelter house and picnic tables.
You should check this cave it. It is very beautiful. Hugs :)

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