Monday, February 6, 2012

Garden Of Hope

We went to the Garden Of Hope in Covington, Kentucky and this was a very pretty place to see. The Garden Of Hope is a 2.5 acre garden containing an exact replica of Jesus tomb. An architect in Jerusalem was hired to take the exact measurements so the tomb could be replicated here. The grounds contain a small, Spanish style chapel and a carpenter's shop like the one Joseph would have worked in. The carpenter's shop includes historic tools donated by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion in 1956. The shop houses a mural depicting life in a Palestinian carpenter shop. One of the paving stones at the chapel is an actual stone from the location where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount. The garden includes an Italian marble statue of Jesus and authentic stones from the Good Samaritan Inn, the Jordan River, and Solomon's Temple. The grounds are landscaped with over 500 rocks, trees, and plants from Jerusalem.
The view from there is breath taken.
The Garden Of Hope is located at 699 Edgecliff Street Covington, Kentucky.
I love going here and I think you will enjoy it also. Hug's :)

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