Sunday, February 19, 2012

Frank Lloyd Wright's Ziegler House

While in Frankfort I wanted to see the Frank Lloyd Wright's Ziegler House. If you are an architecture fan you will want to drive by the Ziegler House, which was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in his famous "Prairie Style"..also known as the "Fireproof House". It was built in 1910 for $5,000 and is the only Frank Lloyd Wright structure in the state of Kentucky. And although it is a Wright design, the plans for it were actually drawn up in Chicago while Wright himself was in Europe. Though the clean lined, white house is distinctive, it fits in seamlessly on the street, on which a number of impressive houses of varying styles are located. A historical marker indicated the house, which is private and may only be viewed from the street.
The house is located at 509 Shelby Street. Frankfort, Kentucky

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