Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kentucky State Capital

Our last stop in Frankfort was a visit to the State Capital building. This building is breath taken.
It opened in 1910, and houses the three branches of government. It is highly ornate and very elegant. Created in the Beaux- Arts style, it includes many traditional French designs and elements of classical architecture. The first floor, or executive floor, is where you'll find the governor's office and the imposing seven story dome and rotunda. This area is home to statues of Kentucky notables Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Henry Clay, Alben Barkley, and Ephraim McDowell. Also on the first floor is Kentucky's First Ladies in Miniature, a display of dolls, one of each first lady dressed in her inaugural ball gown. The grand marble staircases takes you to the judicial floor, where you will find Kentucky's Supreme Court. The third floor is the home of both the Kentucky House of Representatives and Senate.
They are located at 300 Capital Ave.

Governor's Mansion Frankfort, Kentucky

While we were in touring Frankfort, we went by the Governor's Mansion. Sitting on the east lawn of the capitol is the Beaux Arts style mansion that was modeled after Marie  Antoinette's summer villa in France. It was constructed, trimmed, and finished with native stone produced from quarries in Kentucky. Although it has housed 24 governors since Governor James McCreary moved in during his 1914 term, most of the lighting fixtures, ornamental plaster, and mantels are original.
This is a very beautiful house.
If you are in Frankfort and would like to check it out it is located at 704 Capital Ave.
The website is http://www.governorsmansion.ky.gov/

Floral Clock Frankfort, Kentucky

We went by the Floral Clock while we were in Frankfort and this is a very pretty clock. It is adjacent to the Capitol building. This working clock is 34 feet in diameter and created from a variety of colorful flowers. The minute hand alone is 21 feet long.
If you are in Frankfort be sure and stop by and see this beautiful clock. It is located at 300 Capital Ave.

Rebecca Ruth Candy Tour Frankfort, Kentucky

While we were in Frankfort we went on a candy tour at Rebecca Ruth's. Let me tell you this place is a chocolate lovers dream. I am not a big fan of chocolate, but it was really neat to see how the candy was made. Thanks to the creation of the now famous bourbon ball, Rebecca Ruth Candy products are enjoyed around the country and even internationally. It was founded by two substitute schoolteachers, Ruth Hanly and Rebecca Gooch, who decided they had more of a knack for making candy than teaching. Take a 20 minute tour of the small facility (which somehow managed to produce over three million pieces of candy each year) to learn about the history of the business and the women, see the century old stove where candy is made, and hear the story of how an offhand comment led to the development of their signature candy. For all of you chocolate and candy lovers samples are included on the tour.
Rebecca Ruth Candy is located at 112 E. 2nd Street. Frankfort, Ky.
Their website is http://www.rebeccaruth.stores.yahoo.net/
If you are in Frankfort be sure and check this place out. It is really neat to see how so much candy is made in such a little place.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Ziegler House

While in Frankfort I wanted to see the Frank Lloyd Wright's Ziegler House. If you are an architecture fan you will want to drive by the Ziegler House, which was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in his famous "Prairie Style"..also known as the "Fireproof House". It was built in 1910 for $5,000 and is the only Frank Lloyd Wright structure in the state of Kentucky. And although it is a Wright design, the plans for it were actually drawn up in Chicago while Wright himself was in Europe. Though the clean lined, white house is distinctive, it fits in seamlessly on the street, on which a number of impressive houses of varying styles are located. A historical marker indicated the house, which is private and may only be viewed from the street.
The house is located at 509 Shelby Street. Frankfort, Kentucky

Capital City Museum Frankfort, Kentucky

We went to the Capital City Museum. Housed in the former Capital Hotel, which dates to the 1850s, the Capital City Museum presents the story of Frankfort, from the founding of the town on the Kentucky River to its successful bid to become the state capital to its currant state.  Photos, artifacts, and life size dioramas make the history accessible and interesting. There is a scale model of Kentucky's Capital that helps the museum tell about Frankfort's rich political history. The museum also has a large collection of Kentucky political memorabilia. One of the museum's major exhibits shows off products made in Frankfort over the last 200 years. There is a inlaid table and three chairs that were made around a century ago in the Kentucky State Penitentiary. The prison was on important part of the Frankfort scene in 1937. Over those decades, a great variety of products were manufactured and sold to the public by the prison workshops.
You can also learn and see photos of where some of the stars that are from Kentucky use to live. My all time favorite actor is from Kentucky ( Johnny Depp ) so you can guess how excited I was to see photos of his house and read about where he grew up.
 The museum is located at 325 Ann Street downtown- directly across Broadway from the Kentucky History Center.

Berry Mansion Frankfort, Kentucky

We went to the Berry Mansion in Frankfort, Kentucky. This is a beautiful mansion. Once owned by a wealthy family involved in the whiskey industry, the 22 room Berry Mansion, built from stone quarried on the property, now houses government offices and host special events, including weddings. The first floor, however, is open to the public with a self guided tour brochure pointing out highlights of the foyer, dining room, library, drawing room, music room, service wing, and grounds. There is a large pipe organ in the ornate music room, that room alone, was added in 1912, and cost nearly as much as the entire Governor's Mansion.
The Berry Mansion is located at 700 Louisville Road. Frankfort, Ky. The website is http://www.historicproperties.ky.gov/

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Hunt For Midget Town

A couple of weeks ago we went to Tri County Mall while we were there we decided to go and see if we could find Midget Town, or see if it was still standing. I was reading about Midget Town in Weird Ohio and thought it would be neat to see if there was one near me. Actually, as it turns out, there is a Tiny Town. The "real" one is located not far from Buffalo Ridge, behind the Rumpke dump. Now for the story of Midget Town. In the early 1960's, an eccentric farmer who owned property on the outskirts of the local waste management company decided to go into business running hayrides on his property. He constructed a miniature frontier village, complete with tiny little horses. He also had tiny red trucks to pull the wagons for hayrides. His own house, sat right there among the tiny frontier village, it was built into a hillside and appears to be partially underground. The whole operation sits practically on top of the road its on. In the middle of the boondocks. The last thing you would expect is to suddenly be driving through a freaky carnival with tiny little houses.
The legend about Midget Town goes, Only Midgets live there, They will shoot rock salt and throw rocks at you if you come down there and are over four feet tall.
We found Midget Town and I am sad to say that it is no longer there. It has been tore down like so many other things. It seems as Rumke might own the land now as I had two men from Rumke come to see what I was looking for. I went on the land where the town use to be, and I did not have any rocks throwed at me, but I did see way back in the woods a small house. There is not a sign anywhere on  the property that says no trespassing so I went on the property. But I am sure if the Rumpke people had found me on there they would had tried to call the cops, as the one guy who ask me not in such a nice tone "WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR". When they saw me, I was in the road so there was nothing they could do. If they don't want people looking for the town they need to post a no trespassing sign. It always makes me wonder when people get all bent out of shape over someone looking at something what are they trying to hide.
Anyway what time I was on the property I had a very strange feeling like something was peeking out from the bushes watching me. Also I was walking on concert and there was nothing on the walkway, no limbs from trees, no rocks are anything and out of the blue I tripped over a big rock makes me wonder where it came from. In the video I will post I said I found Midget Town in Weird Ky..It was in Weird Ohio book.

If you are by the Rumke landfill be sure to look and see if you can find where Midget Town use to be. Just watch out for the rocks that might be throwed at you, and also for the Rumpke people. Hugs :)