Saturday, January 21, 2012

Westwood Town Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio

We took a trip to Westwood Town Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio. I wanted to check it out because it is suppose to be haunted by Good Ol' Wesley.
Wesley became quite attached to the building while he was alive and took his duties very seriously. So much so, he simply has no inclination to leave the building even in death. It is believed that when the town was annexed into Cincinnati, Wesley's position at the site was eliminated. Many think it was either the news of losing his job and/or the rejection of a woman that he loved that caused the man to toss a rope over a beam in the town hall's attic, put a noose around his neck, and take his own life. Nobody knows how old Wesley was when he died, nor even his last name.
Wesley's glorious town hall, which has been a landmark in the Westwood neighborhood since its completion in 1889, is still a beautiful building today. It was built during the period of time when Westwood was an up and coming village, and they deemed it necessary to erect a site for their village offices, fire department services, and jail facilities. The Cincinnati Recreation Commission is now in charge of the town hall and offers programs and forums for every age and interest. Area theater groups stage their plays at the building. While they are setting up for their plays they have been on the receiving end of some of Wesley's antics. He has been known to hide props and play with the lights. He is also fond of playing with water. You are the only one in the bathroom and the water faucet turns on by itself. He also enjoys messing with the the office machinery.
Seems Wesley is not the only ghost that haunts the Town Hall. You can hear a male and a female voice talking. They had a group of psychics do a walk through the building and they said that there is a lady named Mary in the building, too. They also said that they believe that Wesley was extremely distraught. Wesley makes himself known when he feels like it. It's usually when you are not expecting it to happen. Anybody that is at the site for longer then a few days is likely to encounter something strange. The door that was locked is open, the lights that were off are on, water faucets start flowing. Younger children have claimed to see a man, other people have seen shadows, and several local television stations have done stories about Wesley. People have witnessed shadows looking out of the attic windows. It is believed that Wesley might have been staring out of the windows the night he died heartbroken, watching the love of his life leave him forever.
Westwood Town Hall is located at 3017 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio.
It is a very beautiful building. If you go say hi to Wesley, you never know he might just be looking out the window at you :)                   Hug's

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