Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vinnie's Gourmet Pretzels

On December 26, 2011. We went to Downtown Cincinnati to Fountain Square. One of my main reason's I wanted to go is because I wanted to try a pretzel from Vinnie's Gourmet Pretzel truck.
He was parked right next to Fountain Square. His truck is a mustard yellow color so you will not miss it. He serves fresh and hot soft pretzels and hot chocolate.
His pretzels are served with a twist as you will be able to tell from the list that was taken from the menu on his truck.

The Pope...Parmesan Cheese ( died and gone to heaven )
The Abbot..Plain no Salt ( ok, if you insist! )
The Morning Monk..Cinnamon Sugar ( sweet romance )
The Friar..Plain with Salt ( Mustard's Main Squeeze )
The Sister of Mercy..Vinnie's Hot Sauce and Parmesan ( DAMN!! )
The Sister of No Mercy..Vinnie's Fire Sauce and Parmesan ( DAMNATION!!! )

I had the Friar and so did Doug and let me tell you these Pretzels were AMAZING!!! They were so soft and warm.
Vinnie's has yellow and brown mustard on the counter for dipping.
He also offers fresh squeezed lemonade but since it was freezing outside we went for the hot chocolate with marshmallows. I can not wait to go back and try one of his The Morning Monk pretzels.
The price for his pretzels are....$3.00 for one, $5.00 for two and $7.00 for three. And for $8.00 you can get four pretzels that you can take home and fix yourself. We had a pretzel a piece and two hot chocolates and our total was only $9.00
If you are downtown and you see his truck be sure you check it out. If you love pretzels like I do then you will LOVE Vinnie's

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