Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Topiary Park

On December 10,2011 we went to Columbus, Ohio to see a Boston Bruins hockey game ( more on that in a later blog).
While we were there we went to The Topiary Park. This was a beautiful park. It is located in downtown Columbus. It is the site of the only topiary garden in existence based on a work of art. Nearly 80 yews are clipped and trained into three-dimensional green sculptures of 54 people, eight boats, three dogs, a monkey, and a cat. A pond reminiscent of Paris's River Seine includes fish and water lilies. The seven acre sanctuary is accented with meticulously planted perennials, annuals, and hanging baskets. It is a unique image of Georges Seurat's Post- Impressionist painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grand Jatte...so to sum it up It's a landscape of a painting of a landscape.
You can walk up to them, around them, and view them from all sides. But please do not climb on them. Even the river in the painting was recreated by installing a pond in the park. A bronze plaque on one of the paths marks the point where you stand to view the figures as they appear in the painting. The painting does not include a cat and it is not visible from the plaque, but was added to the park as a fun touch.
The park includes benches and picnic facility's. The visitor's center is open seasonally on Tuesdays and weekends and includes a gift shop. Check out their website for more information on the  park. Their website is http://www.topiarypark.org/
They are located at 480 E. Town Street, Columbus, Ohio.
Enjoy the pictures and video and if you are in Columbus be sure and check out this wonderful and unique park , I am sure you will love it.. Hug's :)

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