Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tiny Church- Monte Casino Chapel

There's a tiny chapel called Monte Casino at Thomas More College. The chapel measures six by nine feet. The ceiling inside is eight feet high. The Monte Casino Chapel was built in 1878 at a nearby monastery by a couple of Benedictine monks, and named in 1992 by Ripley's Believe It as "Smallest Church in the World". The monks subsequently left the area, the chapel was abandoned and vandalized, then rescued and moved in 1965 to the college campus. After restoration, the Monte Casino Chapel was dedicated in 1971.
It is a very cute little church and is in a very neat place. Its by a lake that has a lot of ducks in it.
If you are in Crestview Hills park your car and walk down and look at the tiny church. Hug's :)

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