Saturday, January 7, 2012

Space Ship House

In Covington, Kentucky there is a house that is a space ship yep that's right its a space ship. When you are coming from across the bridge from Cincinnati to Kentucky you can see the house. It is a very neat house. I mean it is not every day that you see a house that looks like the aliens have paid us a visit. I love this house.
Covington's quirkiest landmark - known locally as the Spaceship House - is perched halfway up a no-outlet street in West Covington. The privately owned building is not open to visitors, but it is worth driving by to see the 26' diameter "Futuro House." The first Futuro House was built in Finland in 1968, made entirely of reinforced plastic and light enough to be transported by helicopter. With 525 square feet of living space, the Futuro House could accommodate 8 people because of space-saving innovations like built-in furniture. The rising price of plastic in the 70s made production of the homes impractical, so only 96 Futuro houses were ever built. Covington is fortunate to have one of these sci-fi homes on a quiet residential street.

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