Saturday, January 14, 2012

Roebling Suspension Bridge

We went down to Covington, Kentucky on Tuesday Janurary 10,2012 to take a walk on the Roebling Suspension Bridge.
The Roebling Suspension Bridge is among Covington's most beloved landmarks. Before its construction, ferryboats provided transportation, but were often delayed by storms or low water. In 1846 the Covington and Cincinnati Bridge Company sought to construct the first permanent bridge linking Kentucky and Ohio. When John Roebling proposed a bridge with a pier in the center of the river, riverboat operators objected. Others worried that the bridge would help slaves to escape. The idea was shelved until 1856, when Roebling designed an innovative suspension bridge. The financial panic in 1857 and the Civil War further delayed construction. Completed in 1867, the bridge is a National Historic Landmark and a National Civil Engineering Landmark. You might also have seen this bridge in the movie Rain Man..It is the bridge that Charlie ( Tom Cruise ) and Raymond ( Dustin Hoffman ) take to leave town and head west. It is also the scene where Raymond, repeats a radio station's slogan - 97x, bam!  the future of rock and roll over and over.

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